WHAT IS INCLUDED IN COMMECIAL/ LARGE FORMAT PRINTING?We specialize in roll up banners, Flag banners. Table covers, Pop up banners, Pop up wall Canopy tents, Pop up a-frame Hanging fabric display and Banner printing. We also offer display hardware such as banner stands, trade show displays and outdoor sign hardware because we feel thereby we save our loyal clientele both in time and money. Though we have an existing catalogue of our general printing we undertake, we are also open to carry out customize projects or bring anything in your mind to life.

DO YOU UNDERTAKE TO DESIGN THE ARTWORK?Yes we do .you are welcome to browse through our website and social media pages and if you like something you see in there that’s great, but if that is not what you had in mind and you have any ideas of your own , we are happy to oblige.

WHAT ARE FEATHER BANNERS?Feather banner is a banner in the shape of narrow rectangles and ideal for displaying in a small area with a lot of foot fall. It comes in sizes that is able to display the most vital information you will want to transfer to your customers and if you work with us I am sure we can come up with a design that will make heads turn. Our banners come in three sizes which are 2.4 m, 3.5 m and 4.5 m.

WHAT IS A TEARDROP BANNER?These are banners shaped like tear drops and ideal for outdoor display. Our teardrop banner Melbourne come in the height of 2.2 m, 3.5 m and 4.8 m. though they are comparatively more expensive than feather banner they make up for it by the inquires it brings in due to its unique shape.

HOW DURABLE ARE YOUR BANNERS?We print on Gloss, Satin, Bond and Matte Finish Paper, Jet-Flex Vinyl Adhesive Vinyl, Mesh and Polypropylene and each of its life time may differ but they are likely to last for years without tearing or fading. We use the best printers and inks during the heat press process that transfers the image into the fabric and so that the colours blend into the fabric itself. This process ensures that we deliver the best large format printing in town. Fading off is the concern of our clients but with our precision printing we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.Visit our website or call us on any of our numbers for professional attractive and informative banners and displays that will speak for your brand without exceeding your budget!